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Where to Find a Limited Edition Game of Thrones Whiskey Set

The TV series Game of Thrones has gained a lot of fame since it first aired. People of all ages were captivated by this series. For this reason, various merchandise came on the market along with the popularity of this show.

The release of the series’ 8th season made way to the release of a limited edition Game of Thrones Whiskey Set. Diageo, a drink conglomerate, partnered with HBO to release a set of 8 single malt whiskeys and named it after the different houses from the fictional land of Westeros. Because this whiskey set is a limited edition, it can be hard to find one online. Good thing there is a store in San Diego that can provide you with your limited edition Game of Thrones Whiskey Set.

What Are The Different Types of Whiskey?

People are often asking the same question when it comes to whiskey—is it whiskey or whisky? Well, both spellings are correct; however, the only difference lies to where the liquor is produced. If the liquor is made in Scotland and Japan, then it is “whisky” whereas if it is made in the United States, then it is called “whiskey”.

The dissimilarity may also be distinguished in the process the liquor undergoes. Whiskey is distilled thrice before storing it. This triple distillation process produces a smoother and lighter spirit. Also, the production of whiskey involves the mixing of grains, unlike whisky. On the other hand, whisky is only distilled twice and uses barley as a grain. Additionally, there are six different types of whiskeys that you should know about.

The Six Whiskey Types

First of the six whiskey types, and probably the most popular, is Scotch. Scotch whisky is generally produced from malted barley and grain. This type of whiskey (or whisky) is aged in oak casks for more than three years. Entirely made in Scotland, Scotch has an earthy taste and smoky flavor.

The second type of whiskey is called Irish whiskey, which, from the name itself, is produced in Northern Ireland. To make this liquor, producers use yeast-fermented grain mash that takes about three years to mature and compared to Scotch, Irish whiskey has a smoother finish.

On the other hand, bourbon is a distilled American whiskey. Bourbon is primarily made from corn and is stored in charred oak casks. It has a lightly sweet taste and is a bit smoky. Additionally, it is reddish in color because of the fermentation in charred oak casks.

Just like bourbon, Tennessee whiskey is an American whiskey produced in Tennessee. However, the difference lies in the method of filtering. Tennessee whiskey is steeped in charcoal before being placed of casks for fermentation. In contrast, bourbon is placed directly in barrels after its distillation.

Rye whiskeys, on the other hand, are aged in charred barrels for at least two years and have slightly fruity and spicy flavor. It is an excellent choice for making whiskey cocktails. 

Lastly, Japanese whisky is a type of liquor produced in Japan. This type of whisky uses double-malted barley and is matured in a wooden cask. Unlike all the other types of whiskeys, it is drier and smokier. 

Reasons You Should Consider Drinking Whiskey

It’s undeniable that whiskey is the right partner while watching your favorite TV show. But aside from that, it also provides a lot of amazing benefits which are all good for your health. A shot of whiskey once in a while is not a bad decision. Also, if you are a fan of Game of Thrones and you want to collect anything that has a connection to it, there is a limited edition Game of Thrones Whiskey Set that is perfect for you.

Below are the reasons why you should add whiskey to your drinking choices: 

1. It helps you lose weight.

Whiskey curbs your appetite; that’s how it helps you keep your weight under control. So if you want to maintain a proper diet, consider drinking a glass of whiskey once in a while.

2. It prevents cancer.

Whiskey is known to contain some cancer-preventive compounds like high-concentrated ellagic acid. This antioxidant counteracts the spread and effect of cancer cells inside the body. Hence, drinking whiskey can help fight the growth of cancer. 

3. It relieves stress.

If you want to relax for a while, drinking a glass of whiskey can be helpful as it carries a sedative component that relaxes your mind and body.

Get Your Whiskey at Big Time Market & Liquor!

Whether you are a Lannister, Stark, or any other house in the Game of Thrones TV series, this limited edition Game of Thrones Whiskey Set is definitely for you! This Game of Thrones Whiskey Set is a limited edition, so get this while it lasts!

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