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Where To Buy Good Vodka in San Diego

Done right, vodka doesn’t require a refined palette to enjoy. It should go down smooth, and while a brand should be distinct, it should still taste like vodka! Looking for a place that carries vodkas for both the aficionado and everyman alike?

Check out San Diego’s own Big Time Market and Liquor on your way home? We offer high-quality comfort beverages from beer to vodka at very reasonable market prices.

Big Time Market & Liquor: San Diego’s Trusted Liquor Store

Offering curbside pickup, local delivery, and shipping to selected states in the US, Big Time Market & Liquor can be as flexible as you need. On top of all that convenience, we carry the best beers and vodkas in town! Whether you have an occasional drink to wind down or you’re throwing a big party, Big Time Market & Liquor is your one-stop liquor shop in San Diego.

The Best Vodka

Looking for a worthy vodkas to try? Here are three fine vodkas we carry:

Stoli Elit Premium Vodka 

Also known as Stolichnaya Elit Vodka, this Russian Vodka is appraise by connoisseurs as one of the best vodkas in the world. “Elit” (elite) means the best of the best, after all! This vodka’s pure, ultra-smooth taste is what makes it just that. At  $55.99, it’s worth a shot, literally!

Crystal Head Vodka

Founded in 2008 and manufactured by Globefill, Inc., this Vodka is famous for its hints of sweet vanilla with black pepper, citrus, and peach flavor notes. It is also known for its bottle design, which was manufacture by a Milan-based glass manufacturer. What’s unique to Crystal Head is its filtering process. It’s filter seven times. The last three times it goes through quartz crystals Experience this world-famous Vodka for only $42.99.

Chopin Vodka Rye Red

Chopin the pianist and composer was well known for precision and complexity, and this vodka is too. It’s also known for its ginger-heat kick and subtly-rich dark chocolate flavor underneath. It also has a soft vanilla taste and caraway scents, with a cracked black pepper and rye bread aftertaste. Chopin Vodka is pressure-cooked to create the mash, while the rye is left to ferment and then filter for 5 times, resulting in its crystal clear appearance. Experience this one for $39.99

There’s More In The Store

Aside from the first three killer Vodkas we mentioned here, we carry more of what you’re looking for. Get the finest quality beverages sold at Big Time Market & Liquor locate in Paradise Hills, San Diego. 

Got an order or some questions? Give us a call at (619) 470-0289 for curbside pickups, local delivery, and shipping (selected US states only). For questions or concerns, feel free to send us an email at

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