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Top 3 Bourbons to Keep You Warm in Winter

Snow will soon start to fall and wind will blow harshly, chilling you down to your bones. Some might dislike the coldness the season brings, but there is always a way to appreciate the weather, like a sip bourbons to boost your spirits. You should have a good drink to energize you when you feel the frozen breeze of winter. Something that will shake off the melancholy while you enjoy the coziness and warmth of your fireplace.

To those who love these kinds of drinks, you will indeed have a warm winter season. It might be your favorite time to relax with some bourbon whiskey. This is a winter must-have as it gives warmth and a luscious mouthfeel. There are tons of spirits available, but why choose bourbon this winter season?

What Makes a Perfect Winter Bourbons?

You know a bourbon is good when it is smooth in your mouth and the taste makes your eyes close as you sip. It is not just its taste that you enjoy, but also how it warms your body and makes you savor every last drop, bustling on your palate with a spice finish. You’ll love the warmth rather than the cold breeze of winter.

Bourbon is a famous American drink, distilled from 51% of corn in charred oak barrels. They call this whiskey “bourbon” as its liquid needs a proof higher than 160 and goes into a barrel at 125. It is an iconic spirit. Whiskey is only a bourbon if it comes from the United States. It must not have any flavoring or additives. The rules are strict about makes a whiskey a bourbon.

You’ll love the taste of bourbon for its aged flavors on a cold winter night — the bitter taste with a creaminess that will linger on your breath. Bourbon matures in barrels, and it is where the color comes from, so the darker its appearance, the longer it’s been aged. The aroma is more like vanilla or almond, and its taste will fill your mouth. However, the aftertaste can be a little smooth or harsh. If you’re feeling in love with the mystery of bourbon and are dying to try some, then let’s dive into some bourbons to try.

Choosing the Perfect Bourbon

In this freezing season, it’s a perfect time to warm up the cold weather or make yourself comfortable. To warm your bones, you would want a sip on a glass of bourbon while you enjoy your favorite activities. Here are some bourbons we rounded up for you to try:

• Mitcher’s Bourbon Whiskey

This bourbon is known to have an exceptional taste because of its unique grain selection. If you want something very fruity, then you should try Mitcher’s. Its fruitiness lingers, plus it is supple and silky — you love it. It has a creamy aftertaste with an abundance of cinnamon and a hint of black pepper to brighten up the taste.

• FEW Bourbon Whiskey

Craving the taste of anise, caramel, nutmeg, and butterscotch? Then, it would be best if you tried one of the most popular bourbons by FEW. It is very herbal with notes of spice. The sweet flavor will linger with warm spices that tingle until the last drop, which will surely make you want more.

• Balcones Distilling Texas Pot Still Bourbon

A drink with notes of apple, toasted oak, and kettle corn is Balcones Texas Pot Still Bourbon. You will feel the honey and pecans on the palate as you sip. The finish is soft and sweet with a lingering spice. It has a creamy mouthfeel, and it is not overly sweet. It brings a pleasant warming sensation, and its flavor packs a  punch. 

Warm up your snowy evening with a taste of our bourbon. These top 3 whiskeys are available at Big Time Market and Liquor. We also offer tons of drinks that suit any season. To find out more about our wide variety of crafted spirits, you may check our website at and start to fill your shelves for the coming holidays!

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