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Suntory Hibiki 17-Year-Old Blended Japanese Whisky: Your Best Drinking Companion

As the second-largest city in California, San Diego is home to rich cultural development, especially in arts and craftsmanship. One of the most outgrowing industries that you can find there is wine production. People in San Diego are also fond of Asian cultures such as Japanese culture, especially when it comes to crafted wines and spirits. Japanese artisans are some of the most well-known creators of wine and spirits.

One of the most popular spirits of all time is whisky. It is a type of alcoholic beverage that has gone through the process of distillation. Made from grain mash and aged in wooden barrels, it can have a variety of flavors, which range from light and fruity to rich and intense. If you’ve never tried whisky before, experiment with different styles, ages, and proofs to discover your favorite.

Where Is Suntory Hibiki 17-Year-Old Japanese Whisky Made?

The crafting of this famous whisky fully embraces Japanese culture. Hibiki means echo in Japanese. The bottle itself echoes nature with the facets of the bottle representing the 24 small seasons of Japan.

This incredible whisky is aged for years in wooden barrels and mainly composed of a Japanese oak called mizunara and other natural ingredients, such as red berries, green apple, and honey, to ensure the best flavor and aroma. It also includes melted butter and caramel combined with oaky spices for a zesty experience. Lastly, it contains brown sugar, white grape, citrus peel, and black pepper.

Most of the wine distilleries in Japan import most of their ingredients from Scotland, using malt and sometimes even peated barley from the Isles. The distinction in taste comes from the minute details in the Japanese distilling process — the water source, the shape of the distilling stills, and the kind of wood used in barrels for years of fermentation. Some distillers use imported barrels, but others make theirs out of mizunara, a tree only found in Japan that adds its unique flavor.

How to Enjoy Your Suntory Hibiki 17-Year-Old Blended Japanese Whisky

Most Japanese people enjoy their whisky with a meal. It is also their way of socializing with others in a less formal approach. They consume alcoholic drinks for moments of sharing and not for parties. They also drink in groups, and they always have something to eat. And it’s this cultural particularity that will raise some Japanese variants that will enrich the ways to enjoy your whisky.

“Straight” Whisky

If you are drinking your whisky without ice or water, then you are enjoying what we call “straight” whisky. Considered the purest way to consume your favorite whisky, it is popular among whisky lovers. It also gives you the chance to enjoy the aromas while catching up with your friends. Take note that you can serve it in a cooled glass for a better and more refreshing drink.

“On the Rocks” Whisky

Another way of enjoying your Suntory Hibiki 17-Year-Old Blended Japanese Whisky is by adding a few cubes of ice for a cool drinking experience. It is popularly known as “on the rocks” that comes from the historical use of pebbles by the Vikings to cool their fermented drinks. However, most people find it harder to drink in this way because it causes the whisky to dilute due to ice melting. With that, the aroma tends to be reduced. 

“Twice Up” Whisky

Have you ever added mineral water to your whisky? Then you enjoy “twice up” whisky. It is a combination of whisky and mineral water, preferably served in a wine glass. There are two rules if you want to add water to your whisky. The first one is you have to choose the neutral one so it won’t affect the natural aroma of your whisky. Then the second rule is to enjoy your whisky for it has gone through a state-of-the-art process and aged for years. Remember that the amount of water that add always depends on you.

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