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Satisfy Your Cravings By Selecting the Best Craft Beer in San Diego

There’s nothing like a delicious well crafted beer. Unlike most common beers, craft beers are usually produced in smaller batches by independent breweries. If you’re living in San Diego, you’ll find many stores that sell different types of craft spirits from well-known breweries in the world.

The Benefits of Drinking Beer

If you are a beer enthusiast, drinking beer isn’t just for parties. Can you believe that your hobby, in moderation, can also have health benefits? 

Beers are known to be high in protein and have vitamin B, calcium, iron, and other nutrients. In moderation, beer can also help lower the chance of cardiovascular disease and kidney stones and decrease bad cholesterol in the body. Beer can also ease the risk of osteoporosis. According to some experts, regular beer consumption even fights against the gradual decline of the brain’s cognitive functions. 

4 Things to Consider in Choosing the Best Craft Beer

There are many beer choices available on the market, but you’ll best enjoy your drinking experience if you can find high-quality beer that suits your taste. 

Here are some characteristics to consider to distinguish a good beer from other options:


The first thing you will notice when looking for a beer is its appearance. The head on a great beer will stick around awhile and be at least an inch high. The foam should leave a little bit of clear lacing on the glass as you drink it down. Most beers are best when they’re crystal clear, though some beers are deliberately unfiltered. Cloudiness in those cases is not a sign of poor quality, of course.Though it could fail all of these and still taste great, they tend to be consistent markers of quality. 


You want to enjoy the smell of the beer. Different beers come with a variety of aromas including sweet, fruity, oaky, heat-induced, or spicy. You will notice the combination of sweetness and bitterness in most beers. A sour or skunky smell in a beer is not common, and it sometimes indicates a higher chance of poor quality beer.

Flavor and Taste

Savor your beer. Does it have a bitter or sweet taste? Does it feel light or heavy in your mouth? While “best” flavor is a matter of personal taste, don’t get caught up trying to “acquire” a taste for a brew.  

Alcohol Content 

You can measure the alcohol content in a few ways. The first is to know the ABV percent of the beer. To determine this, subtract the original gravity from the final gravity then multiply the result by 131.25. Most people just read the container or determine by taste if a brew seems to have “a lot” or “not a lot”. 

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