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Qualities to Consider When Looking for a Wine Store in San Diego

Did you know that San Diego is known for being one of the best places to buy wines? As a matter of fact, you can find hundreds of dynamic wineries and tasting rooms in San Diego today. Most of them are small, family-owned, and even offer tastings and wine-making tours for the visitors. Of course, on a normal day few of us go to a winery to get a good wine– for us, there are local wine shops like Big Time Market. And for wine seekers like you, it’s important to know the qualities of good wine and of good wine store in San Diego.

Characteristics of a Good Wine

First, you need to determine the sweetness or dryness. You can start by analyzing the taste on the tip of your tongue.

The second one is the acidity level. This usually answers the question, “How tart is the wine?” The higher the acidity, the lighter it will taste, while the lesser the acidity, the richer it will taste.

Next is the tannin level. Tannins determine the bitterness of the wine. The tannin level adds more complexity to the wine.

After that, consider the alcohol level. Just like other spirits, the alcohol level in a wine is measured by ABV percentage. Of course, a wine with a higher alcohol level tends to taste bolder.

Finally, the last characteristic to consider is the body. You can go for light, medium, or full-bodied wine, depending on your mood and occasion. 

Though there aren’t necessarily any invalid ways of describing wine, having a common vocabulary helps us understand each other when we do talk about it.

That said, you don’t actually need to know the terms or answers. You just need to know the right questions to ask when buying wine in order to make sure the wine shop can help you find something you’ll like. Any good wine store has a team of knowledgeable wine experts to help. And this is the reason why you need to buy wine from a legitimate wine store—not in a grocery store or convenience store. 

Choosing a Wine Store in San Diego

Whether it’s a dinner date at home or a party with friends, a good bottle of wine can be a nice touch. You want to make sure to start at a local shop with a great selection of wine, but that’s not the only consideration.

Here are some important factors to consider to find the best wine store in San Diego:

Large Inventory

When buying wine, you want to have a variety of options to choose from. Choose a wine store that offers a large inventory of wines from different known wineries and brands.

Good Display

A clean, organized, and well-lit wine store can make you want to stay for longer. Besides, it clearly shows how the owner considers the buyers’ experience.


Aside from the aesthetic look, considering a wine store that invests with good room temperature is great. A warm temperature can actually give a strange, raisin-y character to the wines.


As you enter the door, you should already feel a warm and inviting atmosphere. The store staff should also answer all of your questions in a professional and friendly manner.

Good Relationship

If you want to feel comfortable getting the right wine for whatever you occasion is, develop a close relationship with a good wine store where you can order your favorite wine anytime you want. 

One reputable wine store in San Diego that has everything mentioned above. At Big Time Market and Liquor, our experienced, knowledgeable staff is ready to help you find the perfect bottle of wine for any celebration.  
Got questions? Send us a message at or call us today at (619) 470-0289.

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