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Noteworthy Tips to Remember for a Whiskey Tasting Party

Whiskey enthusiasts are currently enjoying the boom in interest in various craft cocktails and artisanal distilled liquors in the world today. And one of the most popular ways to take advantage of such a craze is to host whiskey-tasting parties – either with your friends or your family. So rub off the dust off that vintage bottle you’ve been keeping for such occasions, or better yet, go and grab a new purchase just for your esteemed guests. Identify which you think suits you the most, and go all out — host your dream whiskey tasting party! Doing so is a great way of discovering all sorts of whiskey flavors, brands, and styles. To help you get ahead for such occasions, here are some noteworthy tips you will want to consider regarding whiskey tasting parties. But before that, let us first discuss the different types of whiskeys you’ll most likely serve.

The Different Types of Whiskeys

Whiskey has always been revered because of its fantastic versatility and long, exciting history. With a simple Google search, you are bound to come up with several stories that may catch your eye regarding whiskey. Keeping it simple, different whiskey types are categorized based on where they were distilled or produced. And that is why you should not be surprised why they are mostly referred to as “name of country” whiskey. (e.g. Japanese whiskey, Scotch whiskey, Irish whiskey) Though they may not differ that much in terms of name, their tastes and mouthfeel may vary in extreme.

Now, that quick search would surely mention the bourbon variant. Bourbon has seemingly been the most common and popular among whiskey types. Bourbon whiskey is commonly referred to as American whiskey. Bourbon is a barrel-aged distilled spirit that is made primarily from corn in America. Bourbon usually releases strong tastes of vanilla, oak, and caramel when consumed and has a smooth mouthfeel.

Next is rye whiskey. This whiskey type may be referred to two distinct but still related types: American whiskey (bourbon) and Canadian whiskey. Rye whiskeys that come out of America are made from a mixture of at least 51% of rye – usually corn and malted barley. The rye is famous for its peppery and spicy taste as it washes over your palette with every sip. People prefer rye when they desire a more potent whiskey punch.

There are definitely more whiskey types out there, such as the aforementioned Japanese whiskey, Scotch whiskey, and Irish whiskey. In summary, whiskey drinks became popular for a reason – the fact that whiskey has many variants means that the whiskey can cater to every craving or desire an individual may want.

The Tips for Hosting Whiskey Tasting Parties

Now that you are made aware of the different types of whiskeys that you may bring to your personal tasting party, it is for you to decide which you think would fit best for you and your guests. However, that is not the only thing you need if you desire your party to work out smoothly. Here are some noteworthy tips that you should consider when hosting a whiskey tasting party

Choose the ideal glassware.

What’s an excellent bottle of liquor without perfect glassware? Determine what type of party vibe you like and select the appropriate glassware. If you want a classy night of sipping, opt for the likes of Glencairn glasses. Wide-mouthed glasses would work here as well, as the aroma of the liquor would shine better when poured in. Highball glasses, wine glasses, rocks glasses, or shot glasses are also worth looking into.

Always remember that you need food, too.

A whiskey tasting party does not necessarily mean that all you’d be doing is drinking. Of course, there would be food, too! Identify which would your guests prefer — is it a hearty meal or perhaps just something to nibble on? Bread, fruits, and cheese are great for small indulgences while stew, chili, and slow-cooked meals are perfect for bigger meals.

Utilize note cards to compare varying tastes.

A whiskey tasting party is for tasting whiskey, not to get drunk. The main goal here is to compare the tastes of different whiskeys available at your disposal. And that is precisely why having taste notecards for you and your guests to utilize is ideal. For every sip you take, remember to write down personal notes as the taste connects with your mouth. After doing so, swap note cards with your friends so you may accurately compare every bottle with one another.

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