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Make Your Own Ice Cold Pre-Mixed Cocktails This Summer

During the warm season in San Diego, doing outdoor chores like gardening can drain your energy. Thus, relaxing on your porch or by your pool with some refreshing drinks is a good idea. It would be even better if you could reach for a glass of whiskey or a summer cocktail with your favorite fresh fruits. After all, you worked hard, and you deserve a drink that can invigorate you this hot season. Maybe an ice-cold drink that deserves a beachy Instagram post, even if you’re just in your backyard.

Basically, you need a frozen cocktail that can lift up your spirits this summer. Whether we’re talking about a mojito or daiquiri or margarita, frozen cocktails are much better to enjoy with friends. There’s no need to head to the nearest bar to satisfy your cocktail cravings. A good frozen drink only requires alcohol, fresh citrus juice, sweetener, and ice. So try it at home to get your next summer party started.

Making Pre-Mixed Cocktails on Your Own

There’s no doubt, pre-mixed cocktails have become popular in recent years. Also, pre-mixed cocktails are very convenient — especially when traveling, having a backyard picnic, or having a bonfire with some great friends. However, not all pre-mixed drinks are well-crafted — some of them are lacking when it comes to flavor. So, when pre-mix your own cocktails, you can combine the alcohols or juices perfectly to your taste. But take note that it’s not good to mix the fruit juice and the alcohol until the day of consumption. Also, anything dairy is an exception when it comes to pre-mixing cocktails.

Your main goal is to get as much as you can get done ahead of time. As for the recipe itself, it’s better to know the required amounts rather than having to multiply quantities as you prepare the mix. Basically, practicing a bit of math earlier can save you from making a mistake later. Also, you can’t really pre-muddle herbs and other fresh ingredients, but you can pre-slice fruits like lemons and limes an hour or two in advance. And yes, it is still best if you have a cocktail recipe from a trusted mixologist on the internet.

Lastly, the more often you pre-mix cocktails, the better you’ll get at it. Don’t freak out if your first attempt isn’t as perfect as what you have seen online. Also, investing in mixing tools, such as a blender, mixing glasses, and citrus juicer, is really important. Sooner or later, you’ll eventually realize how fun and exciting it is to pre-make cocktails, especially when your friends share their insights about the finished product. That way, you can improve your pre-mixing skills the next time you try to make them.

Top 3 Most Loved Pre-Mixed Cocktails to Beat the Summer Heat

The majority of today’s most popular cocktails are variations of iconic and classic drinks with a touch of fruity flavors. The recipes have been enhanced from time to time, but the enjoyment of sipping a tasty cocktail remains the same. So whether you’re brushing up on your home mixology menu for this coming weekend or just prefer to have a go-to-order, these classic cocktails should always be on your list.


Summer is officially here, which means it is now time to grab your favorite tequila for some well-deserved margaritas. You can choose from watermelon, lemon, strawberry, and other refreshing fruit flavors to quench your thirst.


Known as one of the most classic cocktails of all time, a cold Manhattan cocktail is the best choice when you’re looking for a sweet and invigorating refresher. It mixes the goodness of American whiskey and Italian vermouth with a few dashes of aromatic herbs. It is the perfect definition of what a good cocktail should be.

French 75

One of the most popular cocktails during holidays and celebrations, French 75 is a sparkling drink that’s perfect before, during, and after your club sandwich. This wonderful cocktail is made with a standard pour of gin and topped with Champagne, giving it that sparkle and bubbly mouthfeel.

When it comes to well-crafted spirits for your cocktail recipes, Big Time Market and Liquor is your one-stop shop in Paradise Hills. We firmly believe that enjoying good spirits, classic wines, and contemporary cocktails is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you’re a professional bartender or a mere cocktail lover, we have the quality products you need. For more drinking ideas and recipes, check out our website at

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