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Learn More About the Best Tequila Brands in Town

Are you a tequila lover or know someone who is? Then you probably have a collection reserved for special occasions. Currently, tequila sales are reaching a top spot for most consumed spirits, making it more popular than ever. Recent surveys say that the tequila industry has experienced a massive increase in sales since the early 2000s. With its smoky but smooth hints of agave, there’s no question why people find it irresistibly delicious. 

Scientific studies and health experts agree that tequila has been helpful in maintaining good health. So, whether you are having a backyard party or looking for refreshing conversation with your friends, tequila is always the best choice. 

How is Tequila Made?

Tequila is a well-known spirit produced in Mexico. According to liquor experts, the stories of its origin vary. Some believe it was produced a thousand years ago by the Aztecs. While others believe that the Spanish invasion had something to say about the first ever made agave distilled spirit. There are a few that think that tequila didn’t even start as the tequila we know today. It is amazing how tequila producers wait at least seven years before they harvest the agave plants to be used in the distillery process . 

In the early days, most distillers would dig a hole, fill it with agave plants, pile some wood and rocks on top of it, and then set it on fire. This makes tequila a bit smokey and flavorful. Another method used by some distillers is the slow-cooking process. It is considered one of the best ways to produce a great tequila. The agave is cooked in a brick oven for about 24 hours. Today, many distilleries are using a more modern way of cooking agave. The first one is known as the stainless-steel oven method. The agave is cooked in a stainless-steel oven for around 9-11 hours to achieve a unique and rich-tasting tequila. The next one is called the diffuser method, which is considered the most modern and cheapest way of cooking agave. With just 3 hours of cooking, a thousand liters of soon-to-be tequilas can be produced. 

Regardless of the method used, the distiller is still the one to decide on the type of tequila they want to create. Some add a specific amount of water to bring the final spirit to desired alcohol levels and put it in the bottle right away. Many tequilas are matured in authentic barrels to produce consistent and exceptional flavor. According to experts, the type of barrel used will affect the taste and flavor of tequila. That is why some distillers use old wooden barrels. This brings more sweetness and spicier notes to the final taste.

Here are Some of High-Quality Tequilas You Shouldn’t Miss!

As harvesting practices and aging process times vary, every tequila producer comes up with a tequila that tastes slightly different from others. This gives tequila drinkers many options to consider when choosing a good tequila. 

Here are some of the finest brands of tequila:

Clase Azul Reposado Tequila

Looking for some refreshing taste of premium tequila for your next house party? Clase Azul is taking its high-quality tequila to the next level by putting it in handmade, aesthetically designed ceramic bottles. Each bottle is carefully hand-sculpted and painted by native artisans. What makes it more amazing is that no two bottles are exactly the same. So, there’s no reason for you not to fall in love with its overall features.

Amor Mio Extra Anejo Tequila 

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this classic Amor Mio Extra Anejo Tequila. With its smooth caramel taste, you’ll definitely enjoy every sip of sophisticated taste and aroma. It is also considered one of the most-renowned tequilas ever made. So head out to your trusted liquor store in San Diego and make the most out of your weekend now!

Clase Azul Ultra

Fall in love with every sip of this Clase Azul Ultra-Extra Anejo. Considered one of the world’s most-exclusive tequilas, this classic Anejo will never leave you hanging. It is meticulously aged in charred sherry-oak casks for at least three years plus it comes in a traditional decanter decorated with platinum, silver, and 24-carat-gold design. 

Whether you are a tequila collector looking for that rare bottle or you’re just looking for a great gift for your loved ones, you can always rely on Big Time Market and Liquor. We offer a wide range of branded tequilas and other types of spirits. Visit us at, or visit our store in Paradise Hills!

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