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Lagunitas Beers that You Might Enjoy this Spring Season

Warmer days and sunnier skies are finally here in Paradise Hills, San Diego. Now is the perfect time to wear shorts and enjoy some fun outside activities with family and friends. It’s also time to swap your favorite hot toddies for sippable poolside-perfect beers like the ones Lagunitas brews.  

Everything You Need to know About Lagunitas Beers

Whatever your palate prefers, there’s a beer for you! While some prefer lightly hopped, dry, refreshing flavor like pale lagers, those with more adventurous palates may want to find intense tastes like a hoppy IPA to savor these spring days. Luckily, Lagunitas provides you with a wide range of brewed beers for every occasion. 

Lagunitas has been making beers for beer lovers since 1993. Everything started when Tony Magee, the founder, started brewing a homebrew kit. It was Thanksgiving night when his wife, Carissa, asked him to move it to a place where he could pursue his brewing skills. Now, Lagunitas has gone all-in on its latest product with an alcohol-free version called IPNA. According to Jeremy Marshall, the company’s head “brewmonster,” taking this huge step seems natural as the demand for NA beers continues to grow.

Lagunitas is known as home to a broad line of high-quality beers and a leading IPA flagship store.  

5 Must-Try Lagunitas Beers to Enjoy This Spring

A good cold beer that refreshes the soul like a rich IPA is just what you need during these warm spring days. Here are a few recommendations for warm-weather beers from Lagunitas Brewing Company:

Lagunitas IPA

Looking for a great beer to sip? First introduced in 1995, this Lagunitas IPA boasts an expertly balanced taste of bold and bitter, citrus sweetness and grassy aroma. It is brewed with 43 different hops together with 65 varieties of quality malts! No wonder this complex specialty is a spring favorite!

Lagunitas IPNA

Craving a non-alcoholic, full-flavored IPA? NA just got a little more exciting with the recently launched IPNA products from Lagunitas. Hence, this golden color NA brew comes with flavors like earthy pine, pithy citrus, and slightly sweet maltiness. It is made up of the same quality ingredients found in Lagunitas’ highly-balanced IPAs. 

Lagunitas Little Sumpin’

Take a sip of citrus and earthy hops along with some wheaty goodness. Finish it with creamy, slightly bitter taste, and you’ve got Lagunitas’s Little Sumpin’ Ale. It pours a relatively clear golden, amber color, with distinct flavor. In addition to that, it has a big fluffy white head that takes up about 1/3 of the glass.  

Lagunitas Maximus

An American Imperial IPA-style beer is a must-try drink this warm season. Hence, this excellently brewed beer comes with notably herbal hops and citrus notes combined with a subtle light-medium toasted malt flavor in the background. It also provides a nicely-blended smooth and sweet malt flavor that is perfect for enjoying a cozy afternoon in the sun with friends.

Lagunitas Daytime

Fall in love with the light malt sweetness and strong hop flavors of Lagunitas DayTime. It pours a slight yellow hue with a foamy white head. Hence, this is an incredible beer for the hopheads out there who are looking for a good daytime refresher.

Now is the perfect time to enjoy bottles of beer while soaking up some sun. Many bars and breweries across the country are still doing their best to cope up with the new normal, and some are still limited in operation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With that in mind, these Lagunitas beers are absolutely all worth picking up and enjoying from the comfort and safety of your home. Luckily, Big Time Market and Liquors provides access to a wide range of craft spirits in San Diego. To learn more, check our website at or visit our store in Paradise Hills today!

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