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Johnnie Walker: the Best-Sipping Scotch Whiskey This Fall

With autumn arriving in San Diego soon, it’s the perfect time to start bundling up for cold months ahead. And when the thermostat starts to drop, there’s nothing better than sitting next to a warm fire while nursing a smooth glass of whiskey such as Johnnie Walker into the night. 

When it comes to Scotch whiskey, it’s the name on everyone’s lips. There’s no doubt about it: Johnnie Walker is one of the best Scotch whiskey brands in the world. Diageo, the brand’s manufacturer, claims that six Johnnie Walker bottles in the world are sold every second. And it’s easy to know why. Boasting a wide catalog of spirits, it makes sure that they have something for everybody when it comes to whiskey. But what exactly makes Johnnie Walker a household name in the world of Scotch whiskey?

Why Consider Johnnie Walker?

There are many other brands other than Johnnie Walker, after all. And if you’re a spirited drinker, chances are you’ve probably tasted enough to know the difference between a good whiskey and a bad one. But nothing ties a conversation together better than a good drink, and Johnnie Walker Scotch whiskey is exactly that kind of drink. It’s simple, elegant, and a crowd favorite — what’s not to love? So why settle for less when you can settle for one of the best?

The Johnnie Walker brand of whiskey is something that’s known as ‘blended Scotch whiskey’. A whiskey that can only be made in Scotland, this kind of whiskey is known for its smooth, smokey flavor. This is achieved through a malt drying process, which allows smoke to seep into the malt. But contrary to this, Johnnie Walker whiskey is not made of 100?% malt. Being a blended Scotch whiskey, it makes use of blends of grain whiskeys and blends of malt whiskeys from different distilleries. This also makes Johnnie Walkers more affordable than single-malt whiskeys, as they are a mixture from a variety of ingredients. However, the high-end blend Scotch whiskeys tend to contain more single malts to highlight deeper flavors.

What makes the Johnnie Walker blend so special is its consistency. Previous master blenders, even dating back to Johnnie Walker himself, reiterate that consistency is indeed key. This is to ensure that every bottle of Johnnie Walker tastes just as good as the last, every single time. And this year, on the brand’s 200th anniversary, they’re still doing what they do best–only better this time.

Also, you need to note that when buying your own bottle of Johnnie Walker whiskey, each label is different from one another. Each color — from red, black, down to the premium blue — has its own unique blend and number of years aged. Of course, the cream-of-the-crop labels are the oldest. Most importantly, you need to know that prices vary according to the label. The Red, Black, and Double Black labels are the brand’s most affordable spirits, while the Green, Gold, Platinum, and Blue sit on the more expensive side of the spectrum.

What Are the Different Types of Johnnie Walker?

While Johnnie Walker whiskeys are usually enjoyable straight or on the rocks, don’t be afraid to mix them into cocktails to spice up your drinking experience. Here are the five most popular labels on the Johnnie Walker lineup, arranging from least expensive to the most expensive.

Red Label

The first of the lineup, the Johnnie Walker Red is the brand’s most affordable whiskey. Originally named as Extra Special Old Highland Whisky in 1909, it’s the baseline for the Johnnie Walker catalog with its strong, no-nonsense flavor. When your favorite spirit’s all out, this will cover your bases just fine. 

Black Label

Their most popular brand of whiskey, this 12-year old label is a favorite all over the world. Sporting a cool balance between sweetness and peat, it contains 30 to 40 different malts. This is an elegant drink at a great price that can you can enjoy either on its own with ice or have a mixture in a Rob Roy cocktail.

Double Black

What the Double Black does better versus its single-black counterpart is one thing: enhanced flavor. Think Black Label, but with a richer, more intense feel: this is what defines the Double Black. It also throws in a mix of smoke with vanilla and dried fruits to add more ‘oomph’ to the blend.

Green Label

The Green Label does things a little differently versus its other Johnnie Walker sibling; it’s a blended malt Scotch whiskey, meaning that it doesn’t use any grain whiskey, unlike other labels. This means that it’s richer, has a better mouthfeel, and overall shines the brightest when it’s enjoyed on its own.

Blue Label

The cream of the crop, this label is one of the brand’s rarest whiskeys. It’s held up to a high standard, as the brand claims only one in ten thousand casks are of the quality to make this blend. Known for its lush, mellowly feel, it’s no showstopper by any means. But that’s the great thing about it: its broadness enables it to appeal to a wide range of palates.

Whether you’re out for a quick drink or you’re looking to celebrate with a bottle on the premium side, Big Time Market and Liquor has you covered. You can count on the best liquor store in San Diego to bring you the finest wines, craft beers, and spirits for a fulfilling drinking experience. Grab a bottle from us now!

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