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How to Make Your All-Time Favorite Whiskey Sours at Home

If you’ve had enough of sweet and spicy delights, say yes to some sour cocktails this chilly season. You’ve probably heard about the whiskey sours from a friend, or maybe this is actually one of your favorite comfort drinks. Whether you enjoy it alone or with a friend, it can be a great idea to learn to make it yourself so that you don’t have to go to a bar. 

What Is a Whiskey Sours?

In a world that’s constantly changing, several types of drinks also evolved and still continue to improve from simple to complex flavors. As we travel back hundreds of years, sour cocktails were considered drinks of the monarchs. You might not believe it, but these cocktails originated in the 1600s and are still one of today’s most popular drinks. At the peak of its popularity, the whiskey sour was declared one of America’s drinking cardinal points. It’s no wonder why so many people are still getting hooked on its timeless flavor and vibe.

A whiskey sour does not literally taste sour since it is usually made with whiskey, citrus, syrups, and other ingredients. It’s a simple formula that creates an inviting flavor. According to some connoisseurs, this cocktail has taken on different forms over the years, but the common version is being served at different bars today. Luckily, you can enjoy your own version of this yummy treat with various recipes found online. It’s up to you if you’d like to add more of a twist and flavor or garnishes. 

Today, whether you’re craving a classic whiskey sour or one of its many variations, there are a few best practices that you need to consider when making one at home. This helps you to achieve that sweet and sour balance of flavors and aroma. You can save your money from the overwhelming costs of expensive bar cocktails. You just need to be patient with the many recipes online and find the one that suits your taste. There’s no need to go for pricey ingredients, especially when it comes to the type of whiskey. However, it’s not a problem if you have something on your mind — surely, your all-time favorite brand is perfect.

What to Do When Making Whiskey Sours

You have probably tried making some cocktails like whiskey sours since the bars have closed, and social gatherings are not allowed during the pandemic. As the name suggests, the drink is sour but not completely sour since the sweetness of syrup and the flavor of whiskey complement the taste perfectly. So check out our list of how to make a whiskey sour at home.

Add some egg white

Yes, you’re reading it right! Egg white can be added to your favorite whiskey sour. You’re probably wondering if it affects the taste of your cocktail, but it won’t. It brings extra texture and creaminess in every sip. However, it still depends on whether you want to follow this recipe and bring your cocktail to a whole new level.

Consider the whiskey of your choice

As mentioned above, it is best to use a whiskey of your choice when making this cocktail. Whiskey is the most important ingredient. No matter how fresh your citrus fruits are, a whiskey sour will not be perfect without whiskey in it. If you prefer sweet but smokey drinks, then bourbon is the way to go. But if you enjoy drinking something dry and spicy, then you might try a rye whiskey. If you don’t have a preference, then seeking the opinion of a bartender is great.

Shake it well

Once the ingredients are included, then it’s time to unleash the mixologist in you. According to some whiskey experts, if you want to achieve a perfect whiskey sour, you need to give it your all in the shaking process. This way, you’re doing a good job of mixing the egg white. Also, you need to pay attention to the sound. If it is still a bit clanky, then it is not yet ready.

Don’t forget the garnishes

For your homemade whiskey sour, adding some garnishes will not only add beauty to your cocktail. It can also get rid of that eggy smell. However, whether your reason is to enhance the visual appeal or the aromatic quality, both can be important factors to consider. Garnishes are necessary to achieve a perfect whiskey sour.

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