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How Can You Find a Specialty Whiskey in San Diego?

San Diego is known for its fine beaches. The county has many by-the-water bars where you can imbibe until sunrise. Its 70-plus miles coastline gives way to an almost endless amount of bars located within spitting distance of the ocean. Above all, what makes San Diego bars more exciting is the fact that you can grab a cold drink and walk by the sea. Apart from its shores, San Diego is also famous for the best-tasting whiskeys. The combination of waves, lively nightlife, and specialty whiskey in San Diego is what makes the beach getaway complete and exciting.

Is There a Difference Between Whiskey and Whisky?

The word whiskey translates from the Gaelic word, which means “water of life.” Its life starts from beer — distiller’s beer, to be more specific. The production process begins with the fermentation of water, grain, and yeast, which becomes the wash or distiller’s beer. This wash undergoes a maturation process for a minimum of three years. During the maturation process, the whiskey becomes smoother, flavorful, and golden in color. 

When talking about whiskey, several words come to a person’s mind: strong, smooth, and full-bodied. However, there is a phrase that describes every single whiskey in the world — the angel’s share. The angel’s share is the term used to describe the 2% of whiskey that evaporates from barrels every year. During the entire aging process, a whiskey loses about 24% of liquid before it is ready for consumption. The angel’s share phenomenon helps in eliminating some of the undesirable parts of the whiskey.

When looking for whiskeys online, you will most likely find two spellings: whiskey and whiskey. Both spellings refer to the same kind of spirit. The only difference is the places where the spirit is produced. If you are talking about a drink that is manufactured from Scotland, Japan, and Canada, the spelling you should use is the one without an “e.” On the other hand, spirits made from the United States or Ireland is spelled as “whiskey.” When it comes to the production process, is whiskey made in one way, and whiskey in another way? Well, not really. The spelling difference does not have anything to do with how the drink is processed. 

Types of Whiskeys and Whiskys

A glass of good whiskey and by-the-water parties defines a perfect San Diego beach getaway. Alongside handcrafted cocktails and live music, you also have a choice of what type of whiskey you should drink. You can even buy a specialty whiskey online if you want to have a private party with your good friends.

Below are the types of whiskey that you can get in San Diego:


Bourbon is a type of American whiskey that is primarily made from corn. This whiskey is a distinctive product of the United States. It means that the word ‘bourbon” shall not be used to describe any whiskey that has not been produced in the United States. This type of whiskey has a diverse flavor profile that is characterized by vanilla, oak, caramel, and spice. 


Scotch is generally a type of whiskey (spelled without an “e”) that is distilled and matured in Scotland. It is made mostly from malted barley, unlike bourbon which is made from corn. Some say that scotch tastes like bourbon. The only difference is that scotch does not have “bite” dragging along the back of your taste buds when drunk.


This whiskey is made in Northern Ireland. Although it is less popular than its neighboring spirit — scotch whiskey, it does not mean that liquor enthusiasts enjoy it less. Many distilleries are experimenting with this wood-aged spirit to make a new taste. Irish whiskeys are fruity, smooth and triple-distilled to satisfy the cravings of liquor enthusiasts. 


While scotch brings smoke and bourbon offers savory notes of charred oak, rye is the brown spirit with spice. Although whiskeys are commonly sipped neat or on the rocks, rye is best taken with cocktails to elevate its zesty profile. Among all whiskey types, rye tends to have a more intense taste.

Whether you want to drink your whiskey on a beach or at a private party, what you need is a liquor store to provide you with the specialty whiskey that you are looking for. Big Time Market and Liquor can cater to all your needs when it comes to finding the best specialty whiskey. We have limited-edition whiskeys that you can enjoy while partying on the beaches of San Diego!
Your whiskey is just a call away! Dial 629-470-0289 to get the best-tasting whiskey of any type. You can also view our inventory at and order online via Drizly to get the limited-edition whiskeys that we offer.

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