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Host Your Dream Whiskey-Tasting Party

Enjoying nightlife in San Diego will never be complete without the presence of your friends plus your favorite drinks. One of the most consumed spirits worldwide is whiskey. It is commonly made from a variety of grains, including corn, barley, rye, and wheat. There is no doubt why there are lots of emerging liquor stores where you can find a wide range of whiskeys for all occasions. You can add extra fun and excitement to your drinking moments with amazing whiskeys!

If you’re thinking about how you will bring your drinking experiences to a whole new level, then having a whiskey-tasting party at your house is the best! But first, you need to make sure that you have the best whiskeys to prepare for your visitors. For that, you need to become familiar with the different types of whiskeys to make your tasting party extra fun and exciting.

Different Types of Whiskey

Variety can really add more spice to your life. The same goes for your favorite selection of whiskeys. With a little research, you’ll find lots of ways to get the most out of your whiskey moments! However, some people are already stuck on their favorite type of whiskey, not knowing that there are still more choices to find out there. One of the most popular types of whiskey is what you call “bourbon.” It is a distilled American whiskey made from corn and is aged in charred oak barrels for years. It has a mild sweetness and a hint of smoke due to the process of fermentation. Another type to watch out for is rye whiskey. It is made up of at least 51 percent rye and other natural ingredients. It can also be best to combine with your favorite cocktails because of its natural fruity and spicy flavor.

The next one in line is the Scotch whiskey. As the name implies, it is a product of Scotland and primarily made from malted barley or grain. Aged for more than three years, this whiskey aims to provide you with a more flavorful taste. It comes with a smoky flavor for a thrilling whiskey experience. If you’re looking for a smooth and mild whiskey experience, then Irish whiskey is perfect for you. Originating in Ireland, this distilled spirit is made from yeast-fermented grain mash and is aged for years.

Another type of whiskey to enjoy is Tennessee whiskey from the USA. According to experts, it has the same characteristics as bourbon. The only way they differ from one another is the filtration method used. Lastly, is Japanese whiskey. This amazing type of whiskey is a product made by distillers from Japan. It uses double-malted barley and is aged in a wooden barrel. It also comes in a drier and smokier flavor that you will truly love on the first sip!

What to Prepare

Now that you know the different types of whiskeys and what makes them different from one another. Then it’s time for you to prepare the things you need for the best whiskey-tasting party of your life! 

1. Choose the perfect glassware

To add class and sophistication to your whiskey-tasting party, consider using the perfect glassware for whiskeys. You don’t need to buy an expensive set; you just need to find the perfect style and function that will best suit the moment. Take note that glasses with wider mouths can let whiskeys evaporate easily. So, it’s recommendable to consider classic tulip glasses for everyone! 

2. Use tasting note cards to compare types

Prepare tasting note cards and make sure that the participants in your party are going to write down all the things that they can say about the whiskey (including the type, aroma, taste, age, and finish) – then swap! You will enjoy reading how your friends and family describe the flavors and aromas of the whiskey. This fun yet informative way and gives the whole party a deeper sense of socialization.

3. Pair it with the best foods

Along with a variety of spirits, you should never forget to make time for the food! Having some finger foods on the table while enjoying every sip of whiskey can turn the whole night into something magical. It can be different types of bread, sliced fruits, and cheese bites. You can also prepare some dishes that are perfect to combine with the whiskeys for dinner.

There are lots of ways to do whiskey. No matter how simple or grand your party is, having the best people and the right kind of whiskeys are all that matters. So if you are looking for the best whiskey provider in San Diego, Big Time Market and Liquor is the best choice! We aim to provide you with the best tasting and high-quality craft beers and spirits. Visit us at or visit our place in Paradise Hills today!

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