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Fire Up the Game with the Best Cognac Drinks in San Diego

Cognac is known as the twice-distilled French liquor that has been lifting its enthusiasts’ spirits since the early days. There are plenty of different cognac drinks to choose from, from the youngest, aged for less than five years, to the oldest known vintage bottle that dates back centuries ago. You can enjoy the best cognacs however you like, whether on the rocks, with a mixer, or sipped straight.  Whatever way you choose will reveal a variety of aromas and flavors. Distilled from grapes, it features a fruity, floral aroma with a blended taste experience. Cognac is the perfect pair for a wide range of occasions.

Why Should You Drink Cognacs?

Cognac is a journey in a glass; it has a long history. It can often be seen as an old-fashioned drink since its creation involves a careful process that goes on for years, decades, or even centuries; the older it is, the better. In a world where almost everything is instantaneous, cognac has always been about patience; it takes time to produce and time to appreciate.

When you drink Cognac, you get the value that you pay for. The drink comes from a specific type of grape. It has to be distilled twice, then left to age for several years. It carries a high price because its production has limitation, and every step of the process adheres to the strict production standards. Naturally, the longer it ages, the higher the cost, but trust us, the extra cost is worth it.

In moderation, Cognacs are good for your health! Studies show that cognacs can reduce the chances of getting cancer, prevent the risk of heart disease, and boost the immune system. Commonly deemed as unique among spirits, cognacs have antioxidant constituents, and their antioxidant capacity also improves with age. These antioxidants help reduce free radicals, which are compounds that can cause damage to the body. Indeed, cognacs are good for both body and soul. Like anything, it is possible to have too much of a good thing of course. Excessive brings its own nasty health issues.

Experience the Exquisite Blended Taste of These Cognac Drinks

Cognacs are a timeless classic you should consider adding to your home bar. This amber-colored spirit brings a touch of sophistication with every sip. So, pour yourself a glass of cognac, and take your time with it. Here are some of the best cognacs available in San Diego:

 Dusse Cognac XO

The Dusse Cognac XO has been aged finely in French barrels, developing rich and complex flavors and aromas. This deep-amber-colored cognac indicates the extensive history of blending, having a light and silky texture and giving off a distinctive blackberry and apricot flavor with a tinge of chocolate and vanilla. Enjoy it neat or on the rocks.

Hennessy VS Cognac

Deemed as the perfect cognac for cocktails, the Hennessy VS Cognac is a fantastic representation of the French blend and has a finely refined nutty fragrance. It fills the palate with fruity character, along with an adequate amount of wood. The finish is marked with the taste of grilled almonds, supported by lively notes reminiscent of fresh grapes. Its unique flavor, combined with superior quality, makes it one of the most popular cognacs on the market. Drink it on ice, neat, or in cocktails.

Hine Rare Cognac VSOP

The Hine Rare Cognac VSOP has a light golden copper color, with a smooth and balanced blend that leaves a fruity taste. It is an excellent introduction to VSOP cognacs and has the complexity of aged cognac without being overpowering. On the nose, it has notes of flowers and honey, with a bit of apricot and peaches. The palate is greeted with ginger, chocolate, orange, and the oak while having a caramel raisin spice bite as the finish. Pour it neat or with a splash of water or ice.

Martell Blue Swift VSOP

The Martell Blue Swift VSOP is adored for its vanilla, plums, and ginger ale flavor notes. The cognac is bourbon-dark in color and is likely to appeal to bourbon drinkers since it combines aspects of both spirits in a light and balanced manner. A subtle sweetness appears on the nose, with notes of banana and caramelized pear. Enjoy it over ice or lengthened with a mixer.

Level up any occasion with the world’s best cognacs. These spirits strike the perfect balance between character and quality. Pour some of these drinks and sip in style, as we have everything in store for you at Big Time Market Liquor in San Diego, CA! Visit our website at today!

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