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Find Some Easy Summer Treats Perfect to End the Hot Season

Summer is almost over, but there are still a few more weeks to enjoy some final sunny moments before autumn finally comes. One of the best ways to spend the remaining days of summer is to have summer treats or by hosting an outdoor party with family and friends. A long trip to the beach can also be fun and exciting. But what’s a party without some refreshing drinks with friends? Whether it’s a typical tequila for sipping or an ice pop made with some fruit juice and liquor, you’re all good!

Why Consider Alcoholic Refreshments This Summer?

There are easy ways to make the most of your liquor, fresh fruit, and ice. Whether you’re taking advantage of a nice day by your pool, lounging on a comfy sofa, reading a good book, or even enjoying a backyard barbecue, all are great! If you have more time, throwing a party for you and your buddies is also a good idea. However, it’s on you to make sure they stay hydrated with invigorating summer drinks all throughout the party.

What’s summer without a refreshing drink to get you through the scorching heat? Whether you’re on a beach or just need to cool off — you can create your own homemade drinks. It’s best to stay chill this summer with top-rated cocktail recipes from the internet. From vodka to whiskey and everything in between, there are several liquor types to choose from that are great to mix with tropical fruits. And don’t forget the ice, may it be crushed or cubed!

Along with the bountiful harvest of fresh fruits and herbs around this time, there are also plenty of opportunities to create tasty and colorful warm-weather treats. So if you want to make the remaining summer days extra special, reach out to a trusted liquor store in town. Make everyday fun and memorable with some delicious and refreshing drinks for everyone.

5 Ultimate Delightful Treats for Your Upcoming End-of-Summer Party

Whether you’re having a grand out-of-town vacation or just staying at home, there’s nothing better than enjoying the warm weather with some delicious summer treats in hand. You can go for easy-to-make yet delicious cold delights, filled with the season’s freshest ingredients.

Here are five of our favorite summer treat recipes for your upcoming end-of-summer party:

Spiked Boozy Watermelon

What goes better with watermelon than vodka? So turn a whole watermelon into a boozy, delightful treat with your favorite ice-cold vodka this summer. You’ll just need to place a bottle of vodka into a whole watermelon and let it slowly drip into the fruit. After that, you can cut the watermelon and enjoy eating your boozy summer treat!

Bourbon Baked Apples

Beat the summer heat with this special treat made from baked apple covered with apple cider and bourbon. But wait, there’s more! This baked apple is stuffed with a crispy crumble mixture and topped with cinnamon ice cream. This delicious treat is perfect for all the sweets lovers and is sure to be the blockbuster of every party.

Classic Bloody Mary

Treat your party guests to this refreshing cocktail made with fresh tomato juice. This extraordinary cocktail called a Bloody Mary can be very spicy, very mild, or somewhere in between. It all depends on how you adjust the amount of spice. If you want for an extra kick, you can add some ground cayenne pepper to the salt on the rim. And also, you can add some olives and a stalk of celery for garnishes.

Grapefruit & Tequila Paloma Ice Pops

There’s no denying that fresh grapefruit juice makes a difference, especially when combined with good tequila. So if you’re thinking of the best way to enjoy summer, making some grapefruit and tequila paloma ice pops is great. They are so refreshing, not too sweet, and have a strong aroma. Take note that they are best served with a pinch of salt and lime zest.

Tequila-Spiked Mango Popsicle with Chile

Let’s end this list of delicious summer treats with a kick. Who doesn’t agree that mangos and chiles create a perfect pairing? You just need to mix the essential ingredients, namely, the agave, lime juice, and three ounces of your preferred tequila, freeze, and voila! You’re now ready to taste a spicy mango margarita on a stick

With a wide range of finest collection of liquors and spirits, Big Time Market and Liquor can help you decide which ones are the best for your summer party recipes. We have the products to satisfy your cravings. For more details, you can visit our website at or call us at (619) 470-0289 for local deliveries!

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