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Explore Flavored Beers this Summer From the Best Beer Selection Provider in San Diego

Flavored beers are the perfect summer sippers due to their refreshing flavors and their low alcohol content. Flavored beers are perfect for events like picnics or at the beach. Whether you’re on a date night or just chilling with friends, there are lots of beers to try for all your summer celebrations from the best beer selection provider in San Diego.

At Big-Time Market and Liquor, we pride ourselves on our selection of hand-crafted spirits and beer. We work directly with distillers around the world to bring you an extensive range of premium spirits, mixers, and wines. We believe in providing our customers with the best quality service and products. Which is why we are always considered one of the best beer providers in San Diego. 

Main Types of Beers and How They are Produced

Beer is produced through a process known as fermentation. This method involves combining malted grains (the main ingredient in beer) and water, which is heated until boiling. Once this mixture has reached the boiling point, yeast is added to start fermentation. After two to three days of fermentation, the wort (the unfermented liquid) is taken off the heat and cooled down to an appropriate ferment temperature. During this time, lactic acid bacteria consume the sugar in the wort and convert it into alcohol. Once cooled, the beer is ready for packaging and consumption.

Brewers use different types of yeasts to make beer, which is often classified into two main types: lagers and ales. Lagers are made with yeast that ferments at the bottom of the beer mixture, making sure that all ingredients in the beverage ferment get out of control. The result is a beverage with very little alcohol content and a clean, crisp taste. Ales contain top-fermenting yeast, which produces bad-tasting off-flavors or off aromas or both when you warm them up. Other yeasts produce spontaneously fermented beers—wild or sour beers that might have distinct characteristics from the lagers and ales.

Flavored Summer Beers to Try at Big time Market and Liquor

Summer is here, and it’s time to celebrate! We’ve got a whole range of new beers in store this summer. Whether you’re looking for something refreshing or specific to pair with food, we have a delicious flavored beer for you:

Truly Extra Hard Seltzer Berry Variety Pack

 Enjoy the sweet and juicy flavors of fresh berries with a light, clean finish. Truly offers three flavors that taste like you’re about to step into nature. Each 12-ounce can packs 100 calories and 5% alc./vol., so you can enjoy a refreshing beverage that won’t weigh you down. Whether you’re immerse in your favorite sports game or just relaxing at home, Truly’s berry mix is sure to refresh your senses.

Truly Extra Hard Seltzer Peach Mango

Each can of extra-crisp seltzer has an 8% alc./vol., making it just the right balance of tangy yet refreshing that is sure to help cool down those hot days. Drink up at home with friends or mix it into your favorite cocktail. 

Truly Hard Seltzer Original Lemonade

Truly Lemonade Hard Seltzer delivers all the crisp, clean refreshment of real lemonade in a signature beverage that’s just as sweet. This seltzer mix is low in calories and sugar and easy to enjoy. With the perfect balance of flavor, Truly Lemonade is a delicious way to start your day or finish your night.

Truly Hard Seltzer Lemon Iced Tea

Truly Lemon Tea is perfect for the summertime when you want to enjoy a beverage without the calories or sugar found in traditional lemonade. It is a unique beverage that combines the refreshingly delicious taste of hard seltzer with real brewed tea and lemon flavor. Each 24oz. can has 5% alc./vol., 100 calories, 1g sugars, 2g carbs, and is gluten-free.

Explore Your Beer Taste

Summer always turns into a great season but what makes it even better is when you can enjoy several flavors of beer. Luckily, you can choose among the beers mentioned above and more when you shop at Big Time Market and Liquor. Visit our store located at Paradise Hills and give your summer an extra kick with our flavored beers!

Call us today at (619) 470-0289 or browse our best beer selection for more exciting choices!

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