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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With A Bottle Of Good Whiskey

Whether you are partying or having a simple meal at home, it’s nice to celebrate with a drink such as whiskey. How would you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Check out the ideas below for inspiration!

The Spirit of Valentine’s With a Whiskey

Going out on a date with your partner on Valentine’s Day with beautiful flowers and chocolates is classic! Is it time to change up? A fine whiskey in a classy glass is a nice touch. 

Whether for family gatherings or catching up with friends, this classic spirit combines good taste and fun. For a dinner setting, the perfect whiskey on Valentine’s Day can be romantic, too. 

Celebrating Valentine’s over a glass of whiskey will give it a uniqueness and a class to differentiate it from Valentine’s days past.  

Best Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s With Your Date

Everyone can express love to their partners and loved ones on any day. But there are occasions like Valentine’s that people see as special. Many couples prepare something to make the time extra special with their dates. But how do you make most of this day during this time with a pandemic? In case you haven’t planned out your date, here are some ideas to celebrate Valentine’s with your date while staying at home:

Prepare a Stay-in Whiskey Date With Your Partner 

You can prepare a romantic whiskey date and pick a great bottle to enjoy. It will be perfect to package it with a good meal before a good movie and a light dessert. 

Gift Your Partner his or her Favorite Whiskey

Gifts are not just for birthdays or Christmas. Aside from flowers and chocolates, a bottle of whiskey is also a perfect gift to surprise your partner. There are a lot of whiskeys out there, so knowing your partner’s favorite can help you decide what to get; otherwise, you might ask the staff at your favorite liquor store for recommendations. You can also share a glass while celebrating together. 

Blind Tasting

Valentine’s Day romance needs to be fun too. Another great idea to celebrate this day with a bottle of whiskey is to arrange a blind tasting. It may depend on how you want to make this activity extra fun. While a pure whiskey tasting could be fun, it could get expensive to try several. Another tack might be to blind-taste a variety of foods and to use the whiskey as a palate cleanser. 

Don’t Hold To Your Usual Drink And Try Tasting Something New!

While it is natural that you, your partner, or your families already have sets of favorite whiskeys ready for this kind of celebration, trying out something new is fun! There are many fine whiskeys available in the market, and every whiskey has its own unique flavor.

There are infinite different ways to celebrate this day, but what matters is that you express your care and love for the people around you. Have you already found the perfect whiskey for your Valentine’s date in San Diego? Find the best deals at Big Time Market and Liquor. Wide selections of Whiskey, Cognac, Tequila, Vodka, Rum, and Beer are also available! Check out our website at for more detailed choices.

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