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Blanton’s Whiskey: A Taste of a Revolutionary Bourbon

For decades now, Buffalo Trace still never disappoints us with their sweet-blended Blanton’s whiskies, distilled in Frankfort, Kentucky. These high-rye bourbons are made from mash bill #2. Even though the company hasn’t revealed their mash bill percentages, it is assumed that the content could be anywhere between 10% and 15% of rye, 5% of malted barley, and the rest corn. If you are looking for something to “spice up” your drinking game, this bottle can do it!

It all started inside the famous metal-clad Warehouse H which had more heat and aged the whiskies faster. The brand’s legendary status began. Today, the new owner, Sazerac, is still producing quality drinks on those same grounds.  

The First-Ever “Single-Barrel” Bourbon: A History

It wasn’t a superhero that saved the Whiskey industry from a downfall. Back in the 1980s, bourbons weren’t as popular. Most manufacturers just focused on mass production. 

During a cold winter night in 1881, Albert Bacon Blanton, later known as “Colonel Blanton,” was born. He lived on a farm next to the Buffalo Trace Distillery, formerly called the “O. F. C. Distillery.” As a part of a bourbon-making family, he was accustomed to the family business early. He worked as an office boy but was promoted several times in four years. The youth discovered that he had a heart for the business. The young boy, who quickly got into the business, successfully became the president in 1921. Once, Colonel Blanton famously worked for 48 straight hours when cataclysmic storms flooded the distillery and submerged several machinery and pathways inside the building. He had the distillery open for business in two days. 

In 1984, the first single-barrel bourbon was introduced on Buffalo Trace’s grounds under the Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee, Blanton’s protégé. The brand name has initially been “Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon,” but it eventually became what it is now just called “Blanton’s.” Of course, that chosen name is in honor of the company’s former president, Colonel Blanton, who became an inspiration for Lee after learning how Blanton worked his way from 16-year-old desk clerk to becoming the Buffalo Trace Distillery head from 1921 to 1952. Lee remembered Blanton’s patience and perseverance as he used to handpick barrels, move them from one station to another, and bottle the bourbon one bottle at a time. This man’s appreciation of good bourbon is something we should celebrate!

Finding the Blanton’s Bottle for Your Taste

Blanton’s Whiskey has higher than average rye content. It’s made from mash bill #2, with a spicier palate than sweeter mash bill #1.  Whatever your ideal bourbon profile tastes like, Blanton’s has a batch for you. 

Blanton’s Gold Edition – Proof 103

This is the higher-proof version of Blanton’s, containing a noticeable increase of alcohol scent on the nose compared to other Blanton’s bottles; however, it offers the same spicy, sugary taste. Hence, many people who have tried different Blanton’s think that the Gold Edition has a drier taste. In addition to that it has hints of vanilla, dried fruit, and honey and pepper, which  finishes with a pleasant burn. 

Blanton’s Special Reserve – Proof 80

“Light” is how people describe the Special Reserve’s scent. You can smell pleasant traces of grain, hay, and citrus.  

Blanton’s Single Barrel – Proof 93

This is perfect for the average drinker who only wants to sip. Hence, this is the most famous Blanton’s recipe. This drink’s sweetness balances the little spice on the end taste.

Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel – Proof 130

This drink is perfect for cold days! It is warming and inviting. The alcohol content is not overpowering, just enough to heat you through the cold. Some say it’s hot, and its taste explodes in the end.  

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