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Bacardí: The Ultimate Rum This Fall Season

Aside from warm coats and boots, many people in San Diego are also filling their shelves with warm Bacardí Rum when the temperature drops. It is too chilly for most people to go swimming, that’s why staying at home with some cozy socks and warming drink. According to connoisseurs, rum has a rich and smooth texture perfect for any type of celebration these coming months. It has a significantly sweet flavor and unique taste. It is considered the best alcoholic beverage is ultimate rum during this biting cold season.

Benefits of Rum That You Need to Know

You may have heard that there are no fans of rum, there are just rum lovers. This is simply because there are numerous benefits that other types of alcohol can’t bring, especially in the fall and winter seasons. Although rum lovers like you do not need any reasons to consider it as your ultimate drink, here are some must-know facts. 

Back in the old days, alcoholic beverages were used to treat different illnesses. But there are particular ingredients that were put together with these drinks such as ginger, lemon, cloves, and other spices to cure cough and cold during the cold winter days. This type of medication became popular in the 17th century, when sugarcane plantations were spreading. However, these practices are not scientific; thus, we’re not telling you to quit taking medicines. Experts have explained that these alcoholic drinks won’t really heal your sickness, but they can definitely contribute to your healing process.                                                         

Other than mere cough and cold, rum can also fight artery diseases and reduce the risk of heart attack. Aside from that, this amazing spirit is also known to help treat muscle pain. This is perfect for this cold weather, when many people suffer from severe muscle pain. According to some reviews online, bone deficiencies like osteoporosis and arthritis can also be prevented by drinking rum. But you know, everything has its proper limitations. So whatever reasons you have for enjoying your rum, make sure that you’re always drinking in moderation. Also, you need to consider taste since there is a wide range of rum products from brands like Bacardí.

The Different Types of Ultimate Bacardí Rum

The Bacardí family, headed by Don Facundo, threw away the rule book and made their own unique blends with a revolutionary rum-making process that really made the biggest change in the rum history. Hence, there is no reason for you not to try Bacardí’s wide range of exceptional and satisfying rum.

Below are some of the most popular Bacardí products that you can purchase at Big Time Market and Liquor:

Bacardí Cuatro Añejo Rum

Discover the exciting aroma of a four-year-old golden rum that’s inspired by Don Facundo’s original recipe. This rum is perfect for all your upcoming fall parties and celebrations. It offers flavorful notes of honey, vanilla, and oak that can satisfy your cravings for a good rum.

Bacardí Gold Rum

If you’re looking for a spirit that has rich, soothing flavors like vanilla, buttery caramel, toasted almond, and sweet banana together with the warm zest of orange peel and a light, oaky finish, try Bacardí Gold Rum. It also comes with a golden complexion from a secret blend of charcoal. You can enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or mixed. 

Bacardí Oakheart Spiced Rum

Take your rum experience to the next level by creating some hot cocktail recipes using this yummy vanilla and cinnamon flavored spirit this fall. Whether you’re trying to warm up or just want to spend quality time with folks, Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum is a great choice. But if ever confused by the name, yes, it is now called Bacardí Spiced Rum. New look and name, but same great taste.

Bacardí Reserva Ocho

Summer slushies are over! It is now the perfect time to look for some amazing treats to enjoy during cold fall nights. Created in 1862, Bacardí Reserva Ocho rum is considered as one of the oldest private rum blends to ever exist. This golden sipping rum is perfect for special bonding moments with friends and family this coming Thanksgiving.

At Big Time Market and Liquor, we pride ourselves on delivering quality spirits. So if you’re looking for a delightful collection of spirits from all over the world, make sure you head straight to our store in Paradise Hills. You can also visit our website at or call us at (619) 470-0289 today!

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